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Orinoco Flow

Acrylic on Canvas (2022)

30 x 25 cm


"Borrowing imagery from ancient artefacts, faces and symbols emerge in Amy’s paintings

made from hazy layers of paint. Strong stone sculptures are painted with a softness, her

paintings appearing unattached from their origins, free-floating and deceptive. While the

works are reminiscent of the past, their saturated colours have a contemporary feel and play on ideas of beauty, masculinity, representation and humour.

Recent paintings use antique jewellery as a starting point and use both deliberate and

unpredictable watery layers of paint, allowing forms to emerge from a painterly blur.

Interested in the evolution of taste as these art objects circulate throughout history; from

artefact, to staged photograph, to painting, the works serve as a record of the constant

metamorphoses in cultural value."

Amy Cochrane


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