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Around and About

Pencil on handmade denim paper

20 x 22 cm


'Captivated by the mundane life, I explore the everyday through a series of repetitions: systems of transportation, routine walks, decorative adornments, natural patterns and the general passive emotions observed during moments of waiting. I am curious about exploring stillness within the constant buzz of a city or country landscape; how infinite repeats give birth to differences. Patterns we find in the body and environment gives us a symbol of identity and a passage of time whilst signalling an impermanence within our lifetime. Everywhere, whether in a city or in the middle of the country, there is an interaction among  place, time, and body. If there is rhythm, there is time, and if there is time, there is a pattern we both follow and change indefinitely. We order the time and use patterns for our comfort and our survival.'

Alice Zakharenko


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