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Danu, The goddess of nature 

Oil on Canvas

51cm x 40cm 


Eagerly awaiting the spring and the light. Danu is the ancient Celtic goddess of nature, flowers and fertility. She represents wisdom, magic, nature, abundance, fertility and motherhood.

Annie Mackin creates ethereal paintings about natural spirituality, femininity, inherent nostalgia and an innate link to our ancestors. Her work is a celebration of the changing of the seasons filled with medieval and pagan allegory. She finds inspiration from the natural world, mysticism and ancient magical history, medieval history and legends. Influenced by the pagan festivals celebrated in Hastings, where she lives, Annie is also inspired by her Celtic ancestry, in particular pre Christian Ireland and goddesses worshipped then. The Celtic goddesses of the seasons and reverence and protection of the home have great importance to her work. Annie is co founder and co curator of the Hastings mother artist collective ‘Babes in arms’.

Annie Mackin

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