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Untitled (Fish)

Pastel and Colour Pencil on Paper (2022)

29.7 x 42 cm


"As an artist I work across a range of mediums exploring themes of memory, childhood, family, and the environment. I would describe my work as

process-led; driven by an interest in using waste materials and exploring traditional crafts.

These works are part of a series that I am currently making, titled Is Your Heart as Light as a Feather? Are You Loving?

Inspired by the tarot card ‘The Aeon’, this drawing project builds on the thelemic idea that the history of humanity can be divided into Aeons, and is

constantly evolving.

Cast against a backdrop of a world that feels like it’s ending, these works imagine the absurd forms of mutated beings and spirits of a new world."

Bette-Belle Blanchard

Artist Post 5 2.PNG

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