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Cadmium Veilform 6

Oil pencil on 300g watercolour paper


30 x 42 cm


Caroline Lambard's work looks at the making and experience of three dimensional form. She creates installations, sculptures, drawings and collages, developing form through process and exploring the space it occupies.  The work focuses on characteristics that emerge during the making, such as a sense of depth, distance and movement.  In her trace-like 3d thread installations and sculptures the shifting expressions of three dimensionality become apparent as viewers move in and around them.  In her drawings, form develops with less physical constraints.  She works fluidly with ruled lines using oil pencils to build rich dense colours that shift from solid lines to ephemeral veils and back.  The drawings looks at depth, distance and movement from a 2D perspective, developing forms suggestive of immersive landscapes and structures with hidden spaces. 

Caroline Lambard


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