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To Layer Upon Layer: Seasons Fly

Watercolour, oil, acrylic and silkscreen on handmade paper with embossed wild flowers (2022)

35 x 25cm


"Jyoti Bharwani, Alex Sivov and Clare Davidson are three artists who work across different media: painting, printing and collage. The three women met during their MA (fine art) at City and Guilds of London Art School, and have since been working together on a collaborative project, To Layer Upon Layer, supported by PaintSpaces Gallery, London.

In this series of works, 3 female artists build up joint images by placing a layer or marks on top of another artist's work. Each piece has been worked on by each artist in succession and in the process they have created new works, that merge different artistic practices and languages. The process has led to surprises and encouraged a playful approach whilst making. Not being able to control the final output has by necessity forced them to let go, a vital element of the creative process."

Jyoti Bharwani, Alex Sivov and Clare Davidson


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