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Could you introduce yourself and your practice? I am Annie Mackin, I am an oil painter interested in creating pieces about the innate link between our ancient magical history and stories of our ancestors.

I’m really drawn to the sense of colour in the work, how did you develop your palette, how important is colour to you?

Here King Harold is Slain HIC HAROLD REX INTERFECTUS EST 2022 Oil on Canvas 100 x 100cm

My colour palette is purely the colours I am attracted to, I have the same palette for my clothes and how I paint my house. I feel like working with these themes can be quite gothic and dark which is something I find a bit cheesy so I am conscious not to go down that route.

  • What led you to the materials you are currently working with?

The Sanctuary of Aphrodite 2023 Oil on Canvas 100 x 70 cm

I have painted for about 12 years and many different mediums such as watercolour pigment and acrylic paints but I love the vibrancy and movability of oil. I never draw or really plan a painting before I start so using oil means I can adjust and change the painting easily.

‘Bright about us shall ever be’ is a really interesting title, what was the inspiration behind this piece?

Bright About us Shall Ever Be 2023 Oil on Canvas 80 x 70 cm

My piece is a dedication to my 3 year old son Avery, and a reminder to myself through the tough times and restrictions of motherhood that having him has been an enormous inspiration to me and driving force for my creativity. Using a classical and medieval motif, I’ve painted objects that remind me of him, alongside a depiction of us at our favourite Oak tree on the West Hill, Hastings.

I have incorporated a blessing for the Celtic goddess of Summer Aine to give us brightness and protection.

Light before us, Light above us, Light within us, Bright about us, Shall ever be, The cloak of Aine Cli

Can you talk about how themes surrounding mythology and folklore enter your practice?

Summoning the Spring 2023 Oil on Canvas 65 x 65 cm

I am drawn to medieval and pagan allegory and the natural world, mysticism and ancient magical history and legends are very important. I am influenced by the pagan festivals celebrated in Hastings, where I live such as Jack in the green, the celebration of the beginning of the summer. I am also inspired by my Celtic ancestry, in particular pre Christian Ireland and goddesses worshipped then. The Celtic goddesses of the seasons and goddesses of reverence and protection of the home have great importance to my work.

Abaile (Home) 2023 Oil on Canvas 45 x 45 cm

Lastly, Who are some of your favourite contemporary artists at the moment?

The co founder of ‘Babes in arms’, my mother artist collective, Elizabeth Power creates beautiful, expressive still lives and the rest of my collective are all incredible artists.

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