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Brief Touch

Pastel on paper


28 x 36 cm



Haley Craw's work is a psychological landscape inhabited by bodies in continual transformation; bouncing between tenderness and rage, they vibrate with layers of emotional ambiguity. Using charcoal, pastel, and oil paint, she works intuitively to allow figures to emerge through line, colour and gesture. Rather than the feminine being on display in a manner that is easily consumed, the female gaze asserts herself in Craw’s work by moving unashamedly between borders, emerging then disappearing once more. Abstracted bodily forms shift, mirror, and blend into their environment, resulting in a perpetual balancing act of creation and destruction, longing and loss. Suggesting desire, fear, passion and pain, Craw’s work portrays the several shifting selves that come in and out of existence through abstract feelings and fragmented fictions.

Haley Craw

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