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Mount Hina

Vinyl Acrylic paint on plywood panel (2020)


25 x 20 cm



"There is a vast transcendent quality, a sense of ‘stillness’ that we experience in nature that fascinates me. It offers a place to reconnect with forgotten aspects of ourselves. My moonlit landscape paintings provide the viewer portals into mystical realms and places of meditation. Blue ultramarine threads its way throughout these paintings, the celestial quality of ‘lapis lazuli’ or ‘heaven

stone’ is a recurring symbolic motif alongside that of the mountains, moons, stars, and water. In many cultures these are deemed sacred, they are the embodiments of goddesses, deities and spirits. The essence of ‘spirit’ in some ways feels close to what I am exploring at this moment, it is a search for spirit deep at the centre of everything and connected to everything."

Jon Pountain

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