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Watercolour and gouache on watercolour paper

12 x 16 cm


Ned Elliott is an artist from London. He takes an introspective approach to the experience of existence, not only in the tangible world but also in the intangible feelings associated with it, whether angst, joy, confusion, love, or grief. His creative approach blends observation and abstraction (drawn from observation) with the ethereal quality of dreams and aims to capture the transience of existence and the cycle of life and death. By using a mix of wet and dry media and elements of collage to overlay figures and objects he attempts to depict how different elements of existence, whether sentient or not, intersect and coexist in the world whilst also appreciating the confusing and elusive beauty of life and inevitable death. In a way his work is imbued with an agnostic almost animistic spirituality. Ultimately, he explores the connections between all things in the world, living and dead and how we experience the world and how all the other things in it do too.

Ned Elliott

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