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All That the Sky and Land Holds I Feel in My Bones

Oil on paper (2022)


25.5 x 20.5 cm




"My paintings house ordinary moments of heightened sensory awareness embedded within a tactile surface and a history of marks made through a process driven approach to painting. Actions such as dragging paint on-and-off the surface, sloshing luminous veils of oil and applying slurries of marble dust and glue that both resist and interact with the surface, build up layers that force an increased state of attentiveness. The search for recognisable forms such as window frames, flower petals, kitchen tiles, and locks of hair are interrupted with abstract sensibilities which divert such a didactic reading and give space for experience without complete interpretation.


"All that the sky and land holds I feel in my bones" is a painting concerned with the overwhelming sense of nature, not in a grandiose romantic way but how in a hyperaware state I experience it. Through a consciousness of the ongoing carbon cycle, weather patterns and seasons I find myself remaining present within it."

Lydia Stonehouse

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