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Oil paint, cotton canvas, dried flora, wood frame

30 x 40 cm


In an attempt to use material as the subject itself, Jackson’s work becomes the embodiment of her process. She forms an intimate relationship with her medium while journeying through an instinctual process of layering, observing, contemplating. Each layer consumes and buries the preceding one. Through this ritual, she has found a way to still the mind and meditate on her material. Each improvised piece stands alone in its uniqueness, whilst they all hold a common tactility, familiarity and sense of history. Jackson intends for the viewer to ponder over and reflect upon her pieces with the same sensitivity and curiosity she evokes to produce them.


"L'aube" is one of a series of works completed last year in the open air, while working with the land. As a result, elements of the outside are welcomed onto the surface, embedded within gestures of thick paint that resemble the textural qualities of nature close-up. 

Elle Jackson

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